Proposal for "Build a Bench for Kowloon East International Design Competition" 2013

The primary purpose of the competition is to design a durable, affordable, repeatable public bench capable of comfortably seating 3 – 6 people. The “Hong Kong orchid bench”, inspired by the Hong Kong orchid tree (bauhinia blakeana), embodies the natural (orchid tree) and the cultural (symbol of cleverness) history of the place as well as the floral emblem of the city.
The “orchid bench” offers to the Kowloon East development area a new stylish urban unit. It becomes an element of the city’s public equipment referring allusively to the form of a HK orchid tree flower. This connection between the form of the bench and its location make it a unique and iconic element for Hong Kong. A variety of available trims highlights the fluidity of the form. The available choices of different materials of construction for different areas of the city help it blend in without losing its design identity. The proposed colors are the light grey and light cream, and other colors based on the colors of the HK orchid tree flower and the grassroots green used in the Star Ferry. It is also used the natural bamboo finish for the wooden bench. Made of perforated stainless steel, high grade polycarbonate, ultra high performance concrete, engineered stone or bamboo plywood and in various colors, the Hong Kong orchid bench equips the city in a simple and natural way.

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