Istanbul Community Market Competition (2015)

An open community market Istanbul, Turkey

The Instabul Community Market is shaped by a proposal based on a magic emergic carpet concept Which uses emerging market stalls to create an open, vibrant, flexibleand multi-use public space.

The hexagonal shape of the floor and the stalls design is referring to Turkish and Armenian carpet industry tradition. The roof shelter of the market is composed of a structural grid with knots inspired by the "Turkish Knot" in the carpet making.

The use of this hexagonal pattern for the floor provides an efficient arrangement of the market stalls. The capability of these urban elements to emerge and submerge offers a multitude of possibilities for the use of space, transforming the intervention site from a public square to a full function market.

    In the background of the site there is an “L-shaped” building hosting all the necessary functions that       supplement the proposed dynamic market space. The wooden façade texture refers to the       architectural tradition of the city.

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